Philosophy of employment:

We are a family-farm, caring for 70-acres of organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, hay and woodland.  Our season serves our CSA members, long-time customers at the farmers market and our local food coops, along with a variety of chefs in our local region. We work as a team to accomplish the needed tasks around this bustling farm.  Those who are passionate about food, working with plants and soil, and excited about working hard will be best fits on our farm.

Employees are paid fairly, based upon qualifications, as farm work is both physically and mentally challenging; and in return we expect work to be done efficiently, while maintaining high standards of quality workmanship.  Workdays are typically 8 am – 6 pm with a 1-hour unpaid lunch.  Benefits include extra produce, awesome muscles, and a great tan.


Available Opportunities

Field Crew: Hiring for 2018

Field Crew


  • Harvest of a large variety of mixed vegetables and fruits
  • Assist with planting, weeding, field clean up, mulching, row covers, and other tasks around the farm as needed
  • Assist with washing, culling and packing produce as needed


  • Must be detail oriented, able to count, stay cool under stress, problem solve, and work well with a variety of people
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions, lift 50 lbs, and perform monotonous but detailed tasks.
  • Ability to work quickly, follow instructions, work with others, and pay attention to details

To apply – submit:

(1) Work history/resume

(2) Letter of interest: describe how you see fitting into our farm and your experience that qualifies you for the desired position

(3) three professional references

Packing Shed Crew: Hiring for 2018

Packing Shed Crew

Packing Shed Responsibilities:

  • Execute post-harvest handling of mixed vegetables
  • Use a variety of tools including a pallet jack, pressure washer, brush washing line to efficiently move and wash pallets and bins of produce
  • Follow our Standard Operating Procedures to wash and pack each type of vegetable
  • Use our record keeping system to keep track of numbers and to communicate needs
  • Help in the field with harvesting, planting and more as needed

Packing Shed Qualifications:

  • Must have strong communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to work quickly while paying close attention to details
  • Ability to follow instructions, set up an efficient work area, lift 50 pounds, stand in one place for many hours, and perform monotonous but detailed tasks

To apply – submit:

(1) Work history/resume

(2) Letter of interest: describe how you see fitting into our farm, your desired position

(3) Three professional references


Last updated January 2018

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