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Certified Organic Produce – Growing High Quality Food Since 2000

Who We Are


Mat and Cate Eddy started Ridgeland Harvest in 2000 with just a half acre of vegetables and full time jobs. Now we farm full time, grow 20 acres of mixed vegetables, strawberries, cover crops, hay, two growing boys, and a small orchard with cherries, apples and blueberries.  What hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing a diverse selection of organically grown food at an affordable price, directly to our customers.

Our produce is grown primarily for our CSA members, with extra items sold at our Dane County Farmers Market stand, a handful of farm to table restaurants, and a few local food cooperatives. Our customers depend on our high quality staple kitchen items such as carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, basil, leeks, broccoli and lettuce heads – along with the more unique items and a few pleasant surprises.

Our farm has been USDA Certified Organic since 2004 because we strongly believe that synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and antibiotics are unnecessary when soil is maintained as a living organism. When the soil is healthy, so are the plants that grow from it. We too are only as healthy as our source of nourishment – our food. We feel privileged to grow food and honored to share it with you!


What Our Customers are Saying:

  • Tonight, as I prepped this week's csa haul, I started laughing to myself. Every year you deliver amazingly superior food for us. We're huge fans of you guys. HUGE fans. This is the most incredible CSA there has to be. Tonight I found myself laughing as I was struggling to find a place to squeeze the lettuce into the fridge. Then the peas! I have not the slightest idea where the peas will fit. This leaves me no recourse but to open a double bottle of my aged homebrew cider, laugh, and shrug. The bounty this year is fantastic, but even more exciting to us is the quality. We can tell that everything you grow for us has been expertly cared for. It's better than we can get at any high-end supermarket around. We simply can't wait each week to see what awesome new stuff is waiting for us. Thanks for being our farmers. We genuinely appreciate everything you put into what you do, and we'll continue to support you as long as you are making food we can buy. -Joe Bagley, Fitchburg WI

  • Before joining Ridgeland Harvest's CSA, I was a member of a different farm's CSA, and Ridgeland Harvest blew them out of the water. My old half share was a full share delivered every other week (which was hard to use for 2 people), and I love that I instead got a box every week, with just enough produce in it. Also, the variety of produce from Ridgeland Harvest is fantastic. I felt like I got to use a lot of old favorites, as well as incorporate new things into my everyday cooking. -Sarah, Madison WI

  • I have been a member of 3 other CSA's. I like yours best. It was a good mix of produce and among the top ones for value, that is, how much you get for what you pay. I always thought the CSA philosophy was to share the bounty and the loss - it seems some farms only share the loss and the rest goes to the farmers markets. You did not seem to do that. Maybe next year I will be able to visit the farm -Tim Madison, WI

  • I couldn't tell you just how much I love getting my share each week. It is just so amazing and fun! -Courtney Madison, WI

  • We were amazed every week to find such a bounty of wonderful goodies in the middle of the horrible drought. Thanks so much for all your hard work! -Amy Madison, WI

  • We get so much joy from being a part of the Ridgeland Harvest CSA. The world feels like a better place knowing you guys are growing our food. Thanks for all the great meals - we taste the love in every bite. -Eric and Carolyn Westby, WI


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