The Ridgeland Harvest CSA Philosophy

Community Supported Agriculture is a symbiotic relationship between the consumer and the farmer. You will find us a safe, reliable and trustworthy food source; while your financial support early in the season helps us earn a stable income. This relationship benefits us both. You get to experience the seasonality of food grown in Wisconsin, and we are enriched by hearing the experiences you have in eating what we grow.

We take the CSA relationship seriously and feel a deep sense of commitment to the people who support us by purchasing a share. Because of the trust you place in us to grow your food, we place CSA needs before all other markets. Our goal is to always provide you with an abundant variety of high quality, fresh, clean, certified organic produce.

Benefits of joining our CSA:

  • Know Your Farmer and Know Your Food! Hear the adventures of your food growing and how it grows on our family farm through the weekly newsletter and through our website:  You will also receive recipes, storage tips, and other fun and interesting facts about your food.
  • Fresh High Quality Food:  Your produce is harvested within days and sometime hours of delivery.  You will see and taste the difference.
  • Feel Good About What You Eat:  Your money directly supports our family’s certified organic farm.  You are helping our farm thrive despite the statistics of young people leaving farming as an occupation.  It is concerning to us that the average age of farmers in the United States is 57 years old, and that the majority of crops grown are for livestock feed not crops for human consumption.  We feel our role in growing food for people is an issue of national food security!
  • Invest in Sustainable Farming Practices: We have been certified organic since 2004 and work with our certification agency the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) to stay updated with the USDA’s National Organic Program.  Our farming methods emphasize cover crops, mulch, short crop rotations, grass waterways and permanent pastures.
  • Support Fair Wages: Your money goes directly to the farmers – not middlemen, brokers, transporters, warehouses.  Therefore we are able to pay our workers a fair wage too.
  • Visit the Farm: We welcome CSA members to visit us during the growing season.  Whether you come for a walk or to camp out overnight, all are welcome.  Join us for U-Pick opportunities and special invitations to the farm.
  • Purchase Additional Farm Items: As a diversified farm we offer more than just your weekly share but also opportunities to purchase bulk quantities of produce for preserving and long term storage, and our extended season box called our Holiday Share.

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